Thursday, June 14, 2018

Brazil: We Need the Cup Again

I was may be three or four years old – I don’t remember clearly. But, what I do remember that it was the first time I had watched the game of Football. I was with my uncle, standing near the field, watching players getting ready for the match.

Someone was saying, “Where is Pele?”

‘Pele’ – that was the first time I heard the name.

And, even after more than 25 years, I still vividly remember that voice and that sentence.

“There he is” – someone said as a man jumped and ran into the field. I only remember that he had worn yellow coloured socks.

I do not remember anything more about that day. My sub conscious mind stored only that memory. And, until I grew a few more years older, for me Pele was the guy whom I had seen that day.

Football once again entered my brain when I was nine years old. It was the year of the Football World Cup 1994. Brazil won the Cup, Romario and Bebeto’s name got inscribed in my brain and since then I became a devotee of Brazil. However, my only memory of that World Cup is the penalty that Roberto Baggio of Italy missed in the Final.

Football fever finally engulfed me during the World Cup 1998. I was hoping for a Brazil win and their loss in the final made me cry. I had even made posters with Brazil and Ronaldo’s name and pasted them in our drawing room prior to the final.

The next edition of the World Cup in 2002 finally put the smile back on my face. The mesmerizing display of football by Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Ronaldinho ensured that the Cup goes to Brazil. The free kick of Ronaldinho against England will forever be a special memory and he will always stay my favourite footballer of all time.

I am still waiting to see Brazil lift the Cup once again, after those agonizing defeats in the last three editions of the World Cup. Hope this year fulfils my wish.

Best of Luck, Neymar and Co!

Live it Up!

We want that Cup!

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