Friday, July 11, 2014

The Fascination for Football: Through the Eyes of a Die-Hard Brazilian Fan

Yes, I am a die-hard fan of the Brazilian Football team. For me, Brazil is just synonymous to football. And this notion is imbibed in me from a time I don’t even remember. But I do remember that as a nine year old kid, I had watched Brazil lift the World Cup trophy in 1994. I do not have much recollection of that edition of the World Cup, but I remember the penalty shoot-outs through which Brazil had defeated Italy in the final; the missed penalty of Roberto Baggio of Italy still etched somewhere in my memory. 

The next edition of the World Cup in 1998 cemented my fan worship for Brazil and I was so into that team that I cried when they lost to France in the final. I was in Eighth Class at that time and I had pasted my own hand-made posters in our drawing room before the final match. The posters carried the names of Brazil and its star Ronaldo. Both failed in the final and my eyes stayed wet throughout the night.

Both I and Brazil got their revenge in the next World Cup in 2002. The golden trio of Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Ronaldinho ensured that the Cup is lifted by Brazil. That was the best Brazilian team that I have seen playing till now. Ronaldinho has been my all-time favourite player since that World Cup and how I wished he was selected for this World Cup in 2014 also. 

The next editions of the World Cup in 2006, 2010 and 2014 have been disappointments for me as a Brazilian fan. But still one has to admit that the world cups surely bring out the best among the players and we get to witness the talents of some emerging players. Every World Cup creates some heroes, while some heroes are unable to fulfil the expectations of their fans.

When Sachin Tendulkar had retired from Cricket in November 2013, I had felt a kind of emptiness inside me. I felt as if I had lost something special I possessed since my childhood. Brazil’s 7-1 defeat in the Semi-final of this World Cup 2014 has stirred similar emotions inside me. For me Brazil has always been an invincible, charismatic team; the king of football. Though they had suffered losses earlier, this particular defeat was too hard to believe. It really hurt badly. Now I only hope that a new Brazilian team rises from the ashes and work out hard and prepare well for the next World Cup. Hope that Brazil wins the Football World Cup 2018. Amen.


  1. You must be heart-broken!! On the other hand, I started hating Brazil since 2002 after they defeated Germany in the finals...I am a German fan you see :D

  2. It happens...I started hating France after they defeated Brazil in the 1998 World Cup.....